3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Social Media Presence

While SEO is always on the top of our minds, we also know that social media is very hot right now. From Twitter to Pinterest to Facebook and Tumblr, social media is all the rage. It’s become so popular that businesses have started to take notice.


In the past decade there has been a huge increase in not only business participation on social media, but also using it to interact with customers and promote their business. If you’re already on social media for your business, you’ve made a step in the right direction. However, now the trick is to use it to your advantage, not sit back and rest on your laurels.

If you want to have a more effective social media presence, read on. We’re about to give you the tips you need to succeed, and improve your presence on social media. Ready to get started? Let’s do it.

1. Post Daily

If you can post on a daily basis, you absolutely should. Having activity on your social media page is good, and any posts you can get out there is better than doing nothing. However, you should definitely make an effort to be posting daily.

The reason why posting daily is so beneficial is that it gets you way more exposure than say, posting just once a week. Posting something every day will give you a better shot at showing up in people’s feeds and keeping you on their minds.

You’ll have more interaction, more eyes on your posts, and most importantly, more people paying attention to your company and your brand. Posting daily will give people the opportunity to see what you’re promoting and what you’re all about, gaining you more likes, followers, and ultimately, a more solid stance in the social media world.

2. Engage with Your Client Base

One thing that is so important to do when on social media is to engage with your client base. These are the people who already support you and may include people that are considering supporting you. Engaging with your client base can be done in a number of fashions, from promoting contests to answering questions to responding to a happy or unhappy customer.


The quicker you can engage with a customer, the more they’ll appreciate it and take you seriously as a business. Leaving comments to hang alone will give an impression of aloofness or distance to the person who left it (and the people viewing it). Strive to be engaged, and you’ll see great rewards.

3. Run Promotions

Promotions can be adds, discounts, contests, or even giveaways. You know what they say, talk is talk, but money walks. Sometimes, the best way to show that you care about your clients is to give something back. What that is will be up to you, but plenty of businesses run contests, promotions, special deals, and sales all the time to treat their customers.


It also raises your brand and social media profile. It’s always better to be seen than in the shadows, isn’t it? Try to think of promotions that would suit your business. If you can’t break the bank, start small. Giving something away can actually gain you tons of free publicity and goodwill among your fan base, so it’s well worth the initial investment.