Mr. Brog Smoking Pipes are Crafted with a Variety of Dense & Indestructible Wood Types

Mr. Brog smoking pipes are crafted with a variety of dense and indestructible wood types, including Mediterranean briar wood and pear wood.

All wood used in the creation of Mr. Brog smoking pipes are aged perfectly, until they harden to absolute perfection. This is one of the highlights of choosing Mr. Brog pipes, and after selling more than two million pipes already, they’re keeping pipe making to a great art form.

The Mr. Brog Model No. 22 (Bent Stecker) is a classic example of a compact pipe that is perfect for daily use.

The stem is just the right length, the mouthpiece is bent slightly for easier draughts, and the golden accent between the stem and bowl makes the pipe a distinct, daily pipe for serious smokers. The bowl itself features a classic shape that taper toward the top, but with sufficient space inside for a good smoke.

Crafted with the root wood of the pear tree, the drying cycle for the wood is two consecutive seasons, and the density and durability of dried pear wood is equivalent to the strength of Mediterranean briar tree wood.

The bowl is naturally coated and stamped, which makes it a most ideal addition to anyone’s compact pipe collection. A layer of carnauba was is also added just before it is shipped to give the pipe a beautiful sheen.

Now, let’s all face it: things break over time. Even dense wood can break if mishandled, or if something presses on it so much that the stem breaks or cracks.

No one like smoking a cracked pipe. It’s a good thing that Mr. Brog offers the option of immediately replacing the pipe itself, or just the stem.

Yes, Mr. Brog smoking pipe stems are available for purchase online, too. You don’t have to throw away the bowl if you don’t want to.

And rest assured, you will get the correct stem type depending on the model of the pipe that you have. The correct stem will always be provided, because each one is a custom order. You will have your replacement stem in one to two weeks after placing your order for a replacement.

Now, lighting your smoking pipe with a regular, commercial lighter works, but it’s not so ideal. Plastic lights are meant to light sticks of cigarettes, not pipes. Mr. Brog’s tobacco pipe lighter comes to the rescue. This special, pure metal lighter comes with its own pick and is suitable for all Mr. Brog smoking pipe models.

It’s large, with a chrome build that means it will last for a long, long, time. There’s also a flame size adjuster to make lighting more comfortable, plus you’ll get a Mr. Brog gift box, too. Use butane used in Zippo lights as this is highly recommended.

If the heavy, chrome-build model doesn’t suit you, try the Biggo Tobacco Pipe Lighter. These lighters look like regular Zippos, but they’re made specifically to light tobacco in pipes. The wick has two holes in it that allows the flame to project downward into the bowl when the smoker inhales. Now that’s a quick light!