Nevada Lemon Law Consumer Guide

In the last 14 years The Lemon Law has been utilized by our attorneys to protect consumers like you and has brought the resolution of over 2,500 cases in that time.

After defeating automobile and RV manufacturers several times at trial since 2004 a respectable relationship has been formed enabling Amar Law Group to settle out of court 95% of the time and in as little as 1 to 3 months. Our high success rate has created an environment where they want to come to a fair settlement with us without delay.

With the knowledge of the expertise of the Amar Law Group and that manufacturers are responsible for the lemon must pay attorneys’ fees by law in out-of-court settlements means that it behooves car makers to settle reasonably and swiftly.  Contact us for your complementary case review to see what type of compensation you may be entitled to if you believe you may have a lemon.

A common concern of those needing the help of an attorney has been that they are hard to get on the phone but you will be pleasantly surprised by your interaction with Amar Law Group. We have a firm policy that if we are able to take your call in that very moment we certainly will. When attorneys are not able to immediately answer your call it will be returned as soon as possible, and in fact, we are dedicated to return every call within 1 business day, without exception!

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You can feel assured that we want open communication with you. We will call you with pertinent news and questions and we want you to feel free to call us with your questions and concerns regarding your case. Our policy of accessibility is among the many attributes that you will notice sets us apart from other firms.

You may be entitled to compensation under the Nevada Lemon Law if you purchased a brand new vehicle to circumvent the many potential aggravations that come with used car purchases, but to no avail. You deserve to and have the right to have your extra dollars spent on your new car bring you reasonable trouble free ownership without surprise defects and aggravations that often are present with cars having wear and tear. Having a new car should provide some peace of mind and be fun; not be frustrating and cause headaches!

Paying a new car price should never leave you wondering if you are going to make it to your destination without more trouble. We at Amar Law Group are your dedicated advocates in getting things set straight for you and our proof is in our 98% success rate. Attorneys fighting for the victims of lemons have recovered over $25,000,000 in compensation already. Choose us as your advocates today and start by calling us for your Free Case Review now.