Running A Local Organic Search Campaign

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Local search is one of the fastest ways to run a campaign to target your customers. The organic aspect mean you’re not paying for the clicks, but optimizing to attract them. The best way to do this is by working with a reputable, experienced company who knows what they’re doing.

The results aren’t instant, but by dedicating ongoing, monthly budget to the goal, you’re able to move up within the search engine rankings over time and attract visitors right when they need you most (when they’re searching for a solution to their problem). While search engines have been around forever now, most companies aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunity. The process is a little like an art based on a science. There’s no right or wrong way to make a masterpiece, but there are some guidelines to follow to get the best results.

Local campaigns tend to focus on keywords and map listings. Google makes this easy by offering Google My Business, a platform to create and verify your listing. This allows you to show up on the map as a verified company, and attract more visitors, leads, and sales for you and your business. This process is launched and is optimized each month, with short, medium, and long term keyword goals in mind. Keyword research is done from the start, and it’s an important foundation to get right. We recommend #1 Phoenix SEO as the top choice within Arizona.

If you’re marketing nationally, the same principles can be applied for different locations, or for national or global keywords. Competition is higher, and it takes the campaigns longer to gear up and mature, but the process is essentially the same. You’ll need to be the one as the business owner to come up with the goals and the initial focus. A proper agency will help you clarify these goals and move forward to gain the type of results you’re looking for. Typically, the ROI is awesome.

If you’ve heard about SEO, now is the time to get started with a campaign. Contact a company to get a quote and for a free assessment. That’s all we have for you today in this installment. Check back soon for more on social media marketing.