Shortcuts to Choosing the Right Home in Arizona

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When people think about choosing the right home, they start to think about features of their dream home. They think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms they want.


AZEF group in Arizona mentions, “They think about how beautiful they want the home to look. These are important things. But, there are so many high quality homes in Arizona that it can be difficult to pick the perfect neighborhood.” We want to help by showing you some shortcuts to choosing the right home in Arizona.

Look at Statistics

We realize that you probably aren’t a numbers geek like we are. There are many people that aren’t. But, that is why they miss out on some really great real estate opportunities. Opportunities like foreclosures in Gold Canyon AZ. Most only look at the features of a Gold Canyon Real Estate property and whether or not they can afford it. But, if you consider some statistics about different neighborhoods then you can find a great home and get a bargain.

We are talking about a couple of statistics specifically; average home asking price, average home sales price, number of homes currently for sale, and average number of home sales. Inside of these numbers, you will find the key to getting a bargain.

You want to find a neighborhood where there is a good spread between the average asking price and the average sales price. For instance, if the average asking price is $350,000 but the average sales price is $220,000 then you are likely to pick up a $350,000 home at a bargain.

Next, you want to consider how many homes are currently for sale on the market. Once you have this number (you can get this easily online from site’s like Zillow) then you want to look at how many homes usually sell. You want to find a neighborhood where there are more homes for sale than can sell in one year. For instance, if the average number of home sales is 1500 per year but there are currently 3,000 homes for sale then sellers are likely to be motivated. They don’t want to have to wait two years for their home to sell.

Look at the Neighborhood

We are not talking about where the schools are. Yes, that is an important factor. But, we are trying to give you shortcuts. Think of something that you would like near your home such as a gas station, grocery store, etc. You then can use online websites, again Zillow is a good one, to look at where these are in the Arizona neighborhoods that you are considering. You would be surprised how many neighborhoods this will weed out.

There is no doubt that finding the perfect home for you and/or your family takes some thought and planning. But, there are some things that can help weed an area out quickly. You also can find a deal in the bargain. If you start by looking at the sales statistics then you can quickly identify areas where there is a glut of homes available and/or sellers are willing to come down on their price. So, when you are hunting for your next home keep these shortcuts to choosing the right home in Arizona in mind.