Understanding How to Use Technology to Lower Stress Levels

Stress levels seem like they’re at an all time high these days, and the news seems to agree. In our high paced and high pressure world, it can be easy to get sucked into the stress spiral. Stress robs us of our energy and can cause you to be more fatigued and off kilter than you would prefer to be.


Thankfully, the ever-increasing sophistication of technology and its integration into everyday helpful products means that we have more tools to fight stress at our disposal than ever before. Read on to discover and understand more about how you can use technology to lower your stress levels and be a better you!

– Use the EmWave2 by Heartmath

The EmWave2 is a device that was developed to help individuals to learn to recognize and deal with their stress. It trains you to recognize when you are stressed and helps you develop ways to cope with it. This amazing product is a prime example of how technology is being used in everyday products to help people improve their lives.

– Use Binaural Beat Therapy

Binaural Beat Therapy is something that most people haven’t usually heard of. Binaural beats are audio tracks that tune in to the mind and can help you not only deeply relax but heal on different wave lengths. You can use it to help you relax, to focus, or just to reduce stress and be in a certain state. You’ll need a pair of headphones, but you can use either special apps or products or just go onto a music or video sharing site. If you search for Binaural Beat Therapy, you’ll definitely find some tracks. Listen to it and see how your stress or anxiety is affected!

– Download stress reducing apps

Stress reducing apps are an easy way to have stress management tools on you wherever you go. So many people struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. You can download apps that are free or pay a little extra if you like to get a specific one. There are anxiety apps, apps that play relaxing music, and more. Browse the apps on your computer and phone and see which ones you like!

– Buy a negative ion generator

Negative Ion Generators are a relatively new technology but they are also really cool! They are small electronic devices that generate ions that are negatively charged and send them out to the room! These generators come in a variety of forms. You can buy one that plays lights and music as well, one that is a salt crystal… there are so many choices! The great thing about this product is it will alleviate stress because you know that you are doing something positive for your health.

The ions these generators put out actually bind to bacteria and dust in the home, negating some of the dangers of our negative interior environment. You get more negative ions when you are out by bodies of water or the forest or walking barefoot on the Earth. This is called “grounding”, where we borrow negative ions from the Earth. When we’re inside too much, we develop too many positive ions which can increase inflammation, so getting a negative ion generator will help change the mood of your indoor apartment or home!